How to create the perfect logo for your company

Recently, I was approached by a client who wanted me to redesign a logo. Her previous designer was on her third round of iterations, and she still didn’t like any of them. Apparently, the client tried to send the designer inspirational images, photographs, logo designs she liked and even a set of fonts she would consider for the logo. So, how do you communicate with a designer? Or, better yet, how should you have that info communicated and well-captured?

At first, it sounded like the client did everything she could to communicate her desires but let’s be honest, without more info, or hearing both sides, I had to take some guesses as to what happened. Let’s go ahead and break this down, and discuss it as if you were this client.

How are you communicating? Nowadays, most of our talks are done via e-mail, messages and/or video calls. As a Creative Designer, I know a lot can be lost when communicating in writing, messaging, and even Skype is distracting with its strutters and constant pauses. I would personally, and highly suggest, supplementing your meetings to phone calls and, if possible, face-to-face appointments. 

Best way to approach this with a designer is by discussing why you feel strong about each of the elements, what you like about it, and how you can see these elements incorporated into your new logo design. Really, be authentic! Sending samples, photos, colors and fonts is only part of the solution. No matter what your industry is, whether you have an online or a traditional business, good communication is critical in establishing your brand equity and, in this case, for your logo design. 

Talk to your graphic designer. Communicate by phone or in person. Restrict e-mails for informational purposes only! If you want to learn more about logo design requirements and how to interprete your logo design needs through a more detailed creative brief as we provide at Carini Design, contact me at

Hope this helps!