Sometimes it is so nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the busy week and enjoy a peaceful setting. This past weekend, we packed up our backpacks and went on a five hour hike at the popular Dipsea Trail for a nice loop in Mount Tamalpais State Park. By the time we reached atop Mt. Tam through a gorgeous pine forest, we finally arrived at the charming Mountain Home Inn for some well-deserved rest along with some refreshments. It seemed like such a nice way to be greeted after a long hike. Sometimes it’s the little things that taste like mint that really make your day.


Walking down the street the other day, I came across these stunning flowers from Mill Valley Flowers. Aren’t they pretty? I couldn’t resist but to pick up my favorite bunch and bring it home with me. Fresh flowers always seem to brighten up the space, even during those gloomy, Fall days.

On a second note, welcome to my new Blog! I’m so flattered you’ve made it to this initial post. Here, I will be often sharing my very authentic tidbits of inspirations, creative projects, and tasteful findings from around town and beyond. Thanks for stopping by!